Friends, I would like to share a blog post my inspiring friend, Amy Johnson, wrote. I echo her thoughts and will never stop asking the questions. For a better world and more democratic nation, keep asking those questions, keep pondering on reality. When 400 Americans own more money than 50 million Americans and when the same millionaires control our laws, products, health/safety regulations, media, and lives, something doesn’t seem so natural.. Question what we take for granted.

“Holding on to the Questions and Other Ponderings” by Amy Johnson

What ever happened to holding on to the question? Are we even raised to ask questions? As soon as someone starts asking questions, they are seen as obnoxious, boring, too serious, etc. This semester has taught me the importance of holding on to the question. My whole life I have never been encouraged to ask the hard questions, to ask why I live my life the way I do. We are brought into this world and are made to believe that everything around us is natural, not man made, when in fact, most of the things we are surrounded by are man made: buildings, ideas about right versus wrong, what is valued in society, education, the government, the economy. The things that are not man made are grossly undervalued and seen as flawed or not good enough. Nature is patented an altered, used an polluted so human kind can “progress.” But who really progresses? Can progress be at the expense of millions of people? A few at the top benefit from the world we live in today and those of us in the middle and bottom are duped into believing we also benefit or we will benefit in the future if we “work hard enough.” We do not realize opportunities are not equal. We pursue wealth at the expense of other people and we believe in this system that we were born into without seriously questioning it. The bottom rungs of the ladder are pitted against each other and suffer as those at the top sit behind their gated houses and craft legislation to protect their wealth and continue generating more while people starve every day. This semester I have realized the importance of asking questions about everything, even the mundane. What food am I eating and why? Who controls the media and are they telling the truth? Why does my government make the decisions it makes? Why do we stand by as injustices occur daily? If we all asked a few more questions instead of just going along with the normal flow of society, we could create real change. It is easier to go with the flow, but justice will never be found this way. We all want a just society where everyone is equal, but this will never occur in the society we have established today. Humans made society and we can also change it. I don’t want to go through life worrying how my makeup looks, whether or not I am wearing the right clothes, which job will pay me the most, what happens on the next episode of scandal, my GPA. There are so many more things to devote my time and energy to, so many more important things. I am going to ask the tough questions, live my life according to my values. I may not be perfect in doing this all the time, but I am never going to give up thinking critically and asking the hard questions. I hope that by living my life this way, I can inspire others to hold on to the question in their lives as well. Some people may think I am idealistic and will never make any real change. Fortunately, I am a person with a lot of faith and hope. So to the pessimists and doubters I say, try me.