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So I’m trying this new thing where I watch the news.

First story was about the national increase in asthma and how it affects livelihood. But the news accidentally left out the cause in the asthma-increase and the extremely high correlation between the increases in pollution, consumerism, and asthma…

Second story was about kids bullied in school because of their appearances, and now all the kids are getting plastic surgery.

Gee it sure would be nice if media and society would quit setting unachievable standards of beauty. Seems like every commercial and paid advertising show (which if you get TV from an antenna, that’s your only TV show option) tells me to hate my body, my skin and acne, my clothes and hair, my teeth and smile. I spent an hour starring in the mirror today trying to make myself look “attractive.” Then I spent twenty minutes criticizing myself for wasting my time, buying into what media, advertisements, companies, and society all want. I’m supposed hate myself and alter and buy my way to happiness, success, and positive attention. Which makes perfect sense beings I have no money, which means I can hate myself even more.

My family grew up eating packaged, cheap, unhealthy food. And my family hates what that food does to their health. It’s unfair women are set to such stupid standards and constantly hate their bodies. It’s unfair that low-income people can only afford unhealthy food. It’s unfair our food system relies on unsustainable practices, controlled by large and rich corporations. It’s unfair low-income people have to be called fat and ugly for eating food they had no other choice but to eat. It’s unfair my mom has to feel like a bad mother because she can’t buy salad or prepare healthier meals. It’s unfair that some will just say I am complaining and should stop because life’s unfair.

But I’m bathing in my unfairness. I’m counting my beautiful pimples, smiling with my crooked bottom teeth, and loving my shortness. I don’t want your cosmetics, your bullies, or your abuse. I want my self-confidence without your guilt and labeling. Quit telling my family we’re ugly, dirty, and fat. We’re not harming anyone but ourselves. I’m the only one who’s been on an airplane, which significantly contributes to the asthma epidemic we have, along with so many other worldly problems. Yet I’m the one put on a pedestal. It’s time people who’ve never been on vacation, cruises, or paid leave from work stop thinking of themselves as unworthy criminals. They are Earth’s biggest heroes. No one will tell them that. In fact, they’ll tell them they’re screw ups. But we’ll see which way that screw points when Corporate America realizes the world can’t sustain on its practices. I’d rather be a screw up than a millionaire any day.